Naming your new business

Naming your business is a lot more complicated than just picking something that sounds good. You'll have to consider trademark issues, state registrations, tax issues etc... The first thing you'll need to decide on however, is the structure that your business will take. Whether you will form a Limited Liability Corporation or be a sole proprietor will make a difference in what you'll be able to call your business. For example, in many states, if you are a small proprietor you will have to use your legal name as the name of your business.

Also, keep in mind that your "Trade Name" may be different from the legal name of your business. Your business legal name, is usually the name under which you could be sued (God forbid!). In any case, your states Secretary of State will be able to tell you what the restrictions are for naming your business. Also, you may wish to register your business name with your Secretary of State, and for even more protection, with the US Patent Office. Check out our state by state guide for more information and resources on starting your business in your particular state.

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