Free Break Even calculator to help you plan & start a business

Break Even Analysis is an important tool in the entrepeneur's toolbox. Companies use this type of analysis to help decide whether a new product will be profitable or not. In the simplest terms, the Break Even Point is the point where the revenue received from the sale of a product (or a service, break even analysis maps perfectly well to service industries as well. You just have to treat your service as one unit of product.) is equal to the total cost of making & selling the product. Sounds simple doesn't it? In reality, it can be quite difficult to get this type of forecast exactly right, so feel free to use our calculator.

Definitions of terms used in the Break Even Analysis.

Please note that this tool is intended to visualize the fiscal year according to the break even analysis. By adjusting the variables & re-calculating, you can see what changes might have an effect on your profits.

Break Even Analysis

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